Nintendo needs to show the US more love

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Nintendo
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Have you ever noticed that there are SO many amazing things that are released for Nintendo overseas that we never get in the US, why? Do we not also LOVE Nintendo, do we not also faithfully run/ order all the latest goodness that they bestow upon us? The 14 different iterations of the 3DS XL, the 18 versions of the 3DS, the collectors editions, the pre-order bonuses, the Club Nintendo goodies, and not to mention the amazing games that never come to our shore, why? There is alot of love for Nintendo here and we have proved it with our wallets! As of January 30th the 3DS/XL has sold over 8.75 million units in the US in its lifespan (Japan sold over 10 million), the Wii U has sold 1.18 million in the US (Japan .77 million), these numbers speak for themselves. I understand that there are things that will not translate well to the Western market but so many can! Let us show you Nintendo that we will gladly open up our wallets even more, bring those delicious exclusives to our greedy little hands. Don’t get me wrong I am definitely noticing that recently we have been seeing things come over that normally would not have graced our presence but I believe more can be done. In terms of games we never see, if the problem is the cost of localization I am sure I speak for many fans when I say, forget it, just give us the basic translation! Leave all those little idiosyncrasies that make them all very Japanese, I promise you we want those, save yourselves the dime and the time! So listen up Reggie (“my body is ready” & so is my wallet) all of us Nintendo fans want more, no I dare say we need more!

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