3DS Luv

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Nintendo
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Up until 2 weeks ago there has not been a day that has gone by that I have not held my 3DS in my hand at some point in the day or another. Whether it has been for a few minute intervals or more than a few hour intervals, my hands have routinely picked up my Cosmo Black 3DS (with custom Zelda sticker on top, of course) without fail. This portable little jewel has a great many time stealing functions, like street pass, find Mii 1 & 2, eShop demo’s, Nintendo 3D show, Nintendo video, Face Raiders, Pokedex 3D Pro, Dream Radar, Swapnote, AR games, and that’s all not even including the immense library of games at your disposal. Its no wonder I have had a hard time putting it down. I have had alot of different handheld devices through the years and own both the Vita and the 3DS but there is something about this little machine that keeps me coming back day after day! I have frequently asked myself why, why this machine, why not one of the countless others I have had? Im not sure that I will ever truly know the answer, I don’t really think that its really just one thing either. Through the immense history of the company that is Nintendo, through their successes and failures I believe they have come up with the recipe for a truly great little handheld. Could it be better, everything can always be better, everything will always evolve and improve, such is the way of our great world. But today, right now, this is a damn good footprint into the future and I think that there are 28.5 million other people globally that might say the same thing. So why, why was it that 2 weeks ago I changed my history with this great little handheld? Well to be honest the only thing that kept us apart, well surgery, thats it, surgery was the only thing that could keep me and my little Cosmo Black friend apart.

Pleasantly recuperating, and after the meds wore off we were back together again!
  1. eschmiel says:

    I bought my 3DS for Penny Arcade Expo last year and loved it but I haven’t really touched it much since. I’m just rediscovering it now with the new Fire Emblem Awakening : ). Got any suggestions for it? I already have Kid Icarus, Resident Evil Revelation, Fire Emblem, and Tetris and some DS games. Was thinking about maybe Super Mario 3D Land.

    • kirarakoneko says:

      You are definitely on track with some great games and I understand why Fire Emblem caught your attention, I would definitely recommend 3D Land, as well as Kingdom Hearts (although the flow motion can take awhile to get used too), Virtues Last Reward (not for everyone), to name a few but there are also upcoming titles I am very excited for (Monster Hunter). At the end of the day it is all up to taste and if your like me my mood, eventhough I am always in the mood for anything Zelda. I highly recomend checking out some demo’s from the esop, they recently released Etrian Odyssey on there so good luck and happy hunting!

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