Hachiko the Akita

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Japan
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Have you ever heard the story of a faithful four legged friend named Hackiko?

In 1924 a professor at the University of Tokyo took in an Akita as his canine companion. Throughout their life together Hackiko faithfully met his owner everyday at Shibuya Station after his work day had ended. One unfortunate day in May of 1925 his master did not arrive, the professor had past away while at the university earlier that day. Eventhough his master never returned after that fateful day Hackiko continued his routine, everyday waiting for his friend that would never return. For the next nine years Hachiko maintained his daily vigil at the station sometimes not returning home for several days. So strong was the dedication to his deceased master that for the rest of his life he never missed a day of waiting. During these nine years many commuters learned of his story and would bring food and treats and in 1934 they erected a bronze statue of Hachiko that is still there today (the current statue is a reproduction done in 1948 as the original was recycled for the war effort). In March of 1935 Hachiko passed away and his remains are at the National Science Museum of Japan, and the exact place where he would wait every day has been immoralized with two bronze paw prints representing his undying faithfulness. To this day a ceremony is held in April in honor of this amazing creature.
If only we could all know the immense love that was shown in this story. Hachiko’s statue is on the tops of my list for my trip to Japan this year.
  1. geo29 says:

    I already read about this story, and watched the movie! Is amazing how this akita loved his owner! Love the story!!

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