Happy Valentine’s Day, luv Nintendo

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Nintendo
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So the latest installment of Nintendo Direct has come and gone… and however much happiness is welling up inside of me there is a fair amount of sadness as well (for the US market, at-least). Focusing on the goodies, we saw Iwatata starting it all off by wearing a Luigi hat (gotta say its a good look for him) and informing us that this will be “The year of Luigi” and to start it all off is the much awaited/ delayed Luigi’s Mansion, Dark Moon. Luigi’s 1st appearance ever was in 1983 in a table top arcade game that I am sure there are more than a few of us that remember, then 18 years later he was given his 1st chance as a solo artist in 2001 Luigis’ Mansion for Gamecube, now 12 years later he is finally being given another shot! For his first appearance ever on Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto (with his trusty translator, of course) tells us about some juicy details for this upcoming title (I have to say that I always love the shirts that Miyamoto wears). Some of the highlights of the gameplay are new functions of the Poltergust such as using it to solve puzzles, and dark light device that you will have to use to find hidden objects. There are also great new ghost fighting mechanics and multiple mansion to fight them in. One of my favorite things is the Polterdog character and his gold thieving ways, as well as the multiplayer Scarescraper mode. The haunting funness will be available on 3/24. There were also a few other Mario and Luigi announcements made, like the Mario and Luigi, Dream Team and Golf World Tour that will both be available Summer 2013, as well as new downloadable content for NSMBU available this year. Now for me no Nintendo announcement is complete without some Legend of Zelda and I am happy to say that they have announced a new Miiverse community that will launch today dedicated to all LOZ fans everywhere! They also announced some great new eShop content such as demos available in the next week for  the latest Castlevania and Monster Hunter games (super excited). The WiiU will also have its latest application availible for free for a limited time, WiiStreetU, where you can explore your favorite city without even leaving your couch(lookout Tokyo, here I come). We also heard about several new eShop games that will be availible soon and a little bit of 3rd party goodness for 3DS and the WiiU. I have to say it was not a bad way to spend my Valentine’s morning but… I am more than a little sad that once again it seems the loyal US fans are being shafted, once again we will not be given another color 3DS XL that others in the world will be graced with not to mention the bundles! What does a girl have to do to get some Nintendo love for the US…?

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