Where are all the female gamers?

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Video games
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Its a little bit of a mystery, but I ask myself this question quite a bit. Where are all the female gamers?
In a recent ESA study that was done they found that 47% of gamers are female and of that number 30% are adult female (more than boys 17 or younger at 18%), however this statistic begs another question, why are we hiding? I am proud of my nerddom, I own every current system (handheld & console), I have numerous classic system’s still in their original state with boxes and all, and I am almost never without a gaming device (lets not discuss the mobile gaming, that is a topic for another post). My attention is held by a litany of genres, from the epic Gears of War franchise (sniper from hell), to the likes of the all time classic Legend of Zelda series, I love them all. I scour the internet for the latest nuggets of news, I badger my friends in the industry for the inside scoop, I await with baited breadth for the release day of my anticipated game (always making sure I have the day off, of course), and I spent hours on end enthralled in the world that opens up before my eyes. So I will ask again where are all the female gamers?
Almost half of the gaming industry is female, that statistic was actually very eye opening for me, almost half! So where are we?
I see them in the vast space of the internet, I see them at the Cons, I see their Mii’s in my streetpass. So, where are they?
In the physical world I am always taken aback when I get the usual you play games look, knowing that inside their heads they are thinking that its probably some lame game or that I couldn’t be any good (like a girl cant handle a Barrett 50 Cal like a pro), I am always the lone girl amongst the vast throngs of gamer guys. I don’t care if you think you suck, I don’t care if your favorite game differs from mine, I just want to see your faces! I want to look through a crowd of people and be able to smile and see that number represented in the space before me. The internet is a great place, it gives you the freedom of anonymity, of courage, of not having to stare your hecklers in the face. But wake up, we are out there, we are no longer few and far between, so let me see you. Wear your love loud and proud, display your heart on your sleeve. Whether you hang a Pikachu from your purse or you slide a pair of cogs around your neck, let me see it. I want to walk around town and see that almost half statistic staring me in the face making it impossible for me to ever ask that question again. So, where are all the female gamers, for real?

  1. alexislives says:

    I’m a girl gamer and I feel you. I think that because of the stigma, some girls hide their ‘nerdiness’ for fear of being judged. I know I did until I found out a new teacher was into Final Fantasy and Pokemon like I am-then come to find out several teachers were gamers, Star Wars fans and even Played magic the gathering. They just didnt want anyone to know. We tend to be more conscious of being judged for what we like, I think.

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