Hard-core Gamers

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Video games
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What makes a “hard-core gamer” exactly?

If you look up the term hard-core in the dictionary you find that it means the most active and committed members of a group. Then if you take a look at the word gamer its someone that participates in a computer or role-playing game. So a “hard-core gamer” is someone that is dedicated and committed to playing video games. So your probably wondering where in the *#& is she going with this? Well I have always wondered why there seems to be such a starch separation in the types of gamers that there are, meaning what types of games they like to play. Why is it that there seems to be such derision and at times animosity between different types of gamers, why is it that some people dont feel that your a “real gamer” unless you play a specific class of game. Who cares if you have more love for first person shooters, or if the likes of Zelda (me) inspires you more. Isnt it more important to see the facts, regardless of what kind of what games speaks to you but to see that we  are all fellow gamers in a world that has a tendency to see this as a childs past time. I find myself slightly offended when people are surprised that I, an adult female plays games. As if were a crime that I am committing. This thought pattern actually hurts the gaming community, you might not think the game that person likes is any good but thats the joy of the industry, there are a huge amount of talented developers out there creating these vast new worlds for all of us to dive into that there is something for everyone! I dont expect everyone to embrace all games but cant we embrace all gamers, I myself love Gears of War and Pokemon the same.
So I will ask the question again…
What makes a “hard-core gamer”?
If on your next day off you wake up , make coffee, and run to turn on your device of choice and spend the next eight plus hours in an alternate world, fighting, strategizing, stressing, and yes at times screaming in pain/joy does it really matter if its Mario, Call of Duty, or Final Fantasy?
  1. I really think it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, a hard core gamer is someone who owns a ton of games, wants to purchase every novel release and bases their own leisure time on solely gaming.

  2. catstronaut says:

    I think it’s a pretty meaningless designation, to be honest, and it really does change completely based on who you ask. Like, a lot of people would say that playing niche RPGs makes somebody a hardcore gamer, even if the games in question are incredibly easy. Others would say that the more skill-based a game is solely determines how hardcore a given game is, but then disavow Halo or Battlefield as being hardcore. Those are incredibly skill-intensive games, but they don’t meet most people’s criteria because they’re incredibly popular. It seems mostly like a designation to credit or discredit certain games, which is pretty bunk imo.

  3. brandon says:

    I’ve always been a believer that the hardcore gamers aren’t the kids who can talk your ear off about Call of Duty, but the ones that can talk your ear off about Sakura Taisen or Tokimeki Memorial or something WHILE beating you at Call of Duty.

    Then again, I’ve never been a huge fan of categorization or labels. Just play games and love them, but most of all, step outside of your comfort zones and experience titles and genres you’re not familiar with.

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