Nintendo Haters

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Nintendo
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Seriously stop it!
Let me disclose this now, I love Nintendo, I am a fan (if you wanna be a jerk you can call me a fangirl). But seriously stop, stop all the hate! This is ridiculous, all the haters if they want to be honest with themselves at one point in their lives truly enjoyed a (and mostly likely more) Nintendo game. For most of you it was probably when you were younger and didn’t have all the poop attached to your brain that happens as you get older. The its not cool, it doesn’t have the latest tech, the all my friends aren’t playing it, seriously stop. Forget about how old you are or who is doing what and sit down and allow the magic that is Nintendo to envelope you in its soft fuzzy hands and take you away from all the hate. There is a reason why some of their franchises have stood the test of time and tech, why there are actual petitions out in the internet world calling out to Nintendo to give us more, there is a reason why people actually choose to play a 25 year old game again and again. The Nintendo magic is what I like to call it, if you give it a chance and honestly give yourself a chance I can guarantee that you will find yourself smiling and dare I say truly enjoying yourself! For all the haters out there, those of you that say Nintendo is just for kids, you are all wrong! Nintendo is Japanese, they are not afraid of the cute and cuddly, they are not afraid of the bright and colorful and most of all they are not afraid to dedicate their time passion and money into something that outsiders deem childlike. Give yourself a chance, forget all your misconceptions, forget all the stupid voices in your head and give yourself a chance to enjoy the Nintendo magic. Remember what it was like when you were a child and nothing else mattered except the world that had just opened itself before you, forget all the pop that comes from getting older, the worries, the drama and just STOP and enjoy! For those of you that are not motivated to give yourself a chance, well then just stop the hate and play any of the other two consoles that inspire you, that is why they are there, there is room for all! I mean seriously the time, thought, and effort that goes into some of the post, comments, and articles that I read from the Haters makes me wonder… Are you really deep down in the pit of your soul a fan and are too afraid/embarrassed to admit it? Shouldn’t a great game company be focused on making great content? Shouldn’t they be focused on bringing happiness to their followers? Do they make mistakes, yes, do they make those of us that are proud of our Nintendo love angry at times (angry enough to throw controllers across the room), yes, we are not above the anger. Afterall it is the human condition to get angry, to complain, to demand more! But to be the type of person that says they want them to die, that they should close their doors, who are you, what kind of “sad/strange little man” says these things. To be afraid of things that we dont understand is normal I guess, but to outright say “you suck” and never have given them a chance is wrong! So I challenge all you Nintendo haters, stop, take a moment, find a game that piques your interest and shut up, sit down, grab a GamePad, Wiimote, or 3DS, I promise you to will be drawn into the world of Nintendo magic and without even knowing you will realize that a smile has manged to creep up onto your face!

  1. brandon says:

    Gaming is going through that angsty teenager phase where it has to look cool in front of its friends, so Nintendo gets looked at as “kiddie” or “childish”. It’s pretty stupid, honestly. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and will follow them to the ends of the earth, but I’m not afraid to say that sometimes they screw up or just make dumb decisions, and I appreciate people taking them to task on it. There’s a petition gaining a lot of ground within the community and the gaming press right now to relinquish the region locking on the Wii U and the 3DS, and generally when there is enough vocal demand for something, Nintendo will step up and deliver it.

    The Wii U is still stumbling out of the gate a little bit, but the 3DS has been destroying everything. They’re putting out so many great games for it, and it gets pretty good third party support too. I wish more of those games would get brought over to the US, but Nintendo themselves seem to be trying to pick up some of the slack and localizing / publishing some titles.

    The problem everyone has with Nintendo is that they do things their own way. They always have. They got out of the tech battle because they knew they’d push themselves out of the market. The gaming industry at large has become a giant dick waving contest to see who can spend the most money on a game and run themselves out of business when it sells poorly. It’s completely silly.

    People can have their big dumb cinematic experiences and that’s fine, but when it comes down to gameplay, replayability and overall fun, Nintendo will end up the last one standing.

    Everyone gets so offended now when you refer to video games as “toys”. That’s what they’ve always been, and always will be. Eventually people will get over that hump and realize it’s okay to have fun and that not everything has to be serious business.

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