Iwata’s Compassion

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Nintendo
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Recently Nintendo had its Annual General Meeting of Shareholder’s where they all had an opportunity to ask Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata why their investments had not gained the financial success they had all expected and in some cases promised, interestingly Shigeru Miyamoto was also in attendance. During this meeting alot of topics were discussed from the unexpected Human Resources needs thats are involved in creating quality HD games, to their soft presence at this year’s E3, to what has been getting the most press so far, their financial situation. To me in a very typical and unsurprising statement Iwata made it clear that he had no intentions of laying off any of the current members of the Nintendo family just to make a temporary quick financial gain. I say this is unsurprising because I think through the years Iwata has proven himself as a leader that cares about more than just the financial gains to be had, afterall this man could walk away at any moment and live out the rest of his days as an exceptionally wealthy man, he has always spoken about the human factor involved in creating the worlds that you can enjoy on Nintendo platforms. For awhile now it has seemed that Nintendo is trying to step away from what and how all the other gaming companies are doing to market their systems an games. A little over a year ago you started seeing a big focus on Nintendo Directs and alot of key information was being given to consumers in this manner and to me that was a telltale sign that Nintendo was trying to change the way that their fans were getting their much anticipated nuggets of information, so their “soft” showing at E3 this year was no surprise to me and honestly I was totally ok with that! This industry is supposed to be about the games, Im not naive in thinking these companies don’t need to make a profit, of course they do. The more profit, the more games, and better games but is that what they all do, or is it the more profit the more or CEO and shareholders get??? Right now I think Nintendo is going through some growing pains and if their leader is willing to hang in their with all his employees then I think that just goes to show you the dedication and passion he has for the business, and to me that means they will come out of this alive. Their are so many speculators out their and dare I say “poop” talkers but at the end of the day any company that has been around as long as Nintendo will go through this and as long as they stay focused on the most important thing, the games (old favorites and new IP’s) then they will be ok. I want to support a company that has a soul and cares about its people because if it wasn’t for them they wouldnt have become who they are today, its not the people at the top that make a great company its the people on the ground, in the thick of it, the people that are giving their hearts, souls, and passion to what they do that makes them great and Iwata hasn’t forgotten that. So keep on Nintendo, show your people that you support them and give them a chance to return to the company that we have known and cared for all these years because for me a company that cares for its people also cares for its consumers and not just about the money to be made, a quick financial gain in this quarter will not always get you long term gain and thats what Nintendo is focused on, the long term. They are a brand, a family that wont always work well together but in the end, after all is said and done they will always manage to pull through. “This has all happened before,and it will all happen again”

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