Nintendo Streetpass Update

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Nintendo
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For those of you that like myself that have been addicted to their Mii Plaza and have collected all the hats and puzzle pieces, there is great news… We got more!!!!! This morning when I woke up I was greeted with a blue light that always makes me squeal with delight because that little blue light means that you have gotten extra funness delivered with love via Spot Pass, some in better forms than others. So this morning the little blue light greeted me with OH so much goodness that the Nintendo gods have finally brought to the US (of course, Japan and Europe had it first).

First our Street Pass Mii Plaza got a makeover, not only do we have new areas and games to explore but the world around you looks different with new landscaping and even a fountain too! There are two new selections you can make, there is an exchange booth where you can go and exchange tickets that you have won on the new games for accessories that are exclusive to this feature, this has also changed the setting where you customize your hat to outfits (could that be that we get more than just hats…). Then there is now a games section where you can access the previous Find Mii 1 & 2, as well as your puzzle panels but now there is also a cute little bunny that pops out of four different little rabbit holes and down the rabbit holes you can get new games.

Mii Force
This is a side scrolling shooter that along with street passing gives you the power to defeat all the evil space forces. The more people you street pass with the more you can shoot your enemies and each color shirt has a different power ability very similar to Find Mii 1 & 2.

Flower Town
This is an adorable little sim-gardening game where you can cultivate, customize, and even breed your very own hybrid plant, along with your fellow streetpasseres of course.

Warrior’s Way
This is a strategy style game that involves a bit of luck because as you, the leader of a small yet magical realm of followers must fight your way through the evil hordes of your enemies, your army is only as strong as the plaza of the Mii’s you streerpass with. So with the fate of the world ahead of you, you better hope you have “Lady Luck” on your side.

Monster Manor
This is slightly reminiscent of the ghostly manor in NintendoLand except with a puzzle style of gameplay. You acquire puzzle pieces from the Mii’s you streetpass with which allows you to progress through the haunted manor and find treasure chests and all sorts of other goodness to discover the secrets that lay hidden in the dark before you.

So get ready, cuz the cute little bunny will lead you down the rabbit hole and leave you $15 poorer if you buy the set of four games, otherwise you would have to pay about $5 each. So thanks Nintendo for finding yet another way to take my money!

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