The Return of the 3DS XL

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Nintendo, Video games
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Giddy with joy I tell you I was last night at midnight as I walked into my local game store to replace my stolen 3DS XL! I figured that while all the other gamers would be getting their hands on the newly released XboxOne it would be a perfect time for my new pick up my new 3DS XL and a Link Between Worlds (of course)!!! I had been waiting torturously to do so since my machine was stolen over two weeks ago but what a better day than on release day for the latest story in the Zelda franchise, and I also couldn’t help but firmly state my love for Nintendo and my support for Sony’s newest console (picked that up on release day at midnight as well). Dont get me wrong I am sure I will have to eventually give in and purchase one along with the rest of the gamers out there but not yet, I require a little more substance first…
My day didn’t end there as I had to contact Nintendo and ask if there was any way that I could get all my games that I had purchased as well as my Ambassador Certificate back, and you know what, they said yes! The guy that I was talking to probably thought I was a little nuts but I didn’t care I was so happy. After giving him a few pieces of information such as police report and serial numbers (from my old machine and new) he said I would just have to wait about 24 hours and that I would have all my eShop stuff back. I have dealt with alot of customer service reps in the past two weeks or so dealing with the theft of my belongings and I must say Nintendo takes the cake, from their awesome hold music (The Legend of Zelda soundtrack), to their amazingly pleasant people, and their desire to help, I am one happy customer! It s a pretty bad feeling having your belongings stolen and they helped this girl feel very special, so Thank You Nintendo for making a bad situation seem alot better!

  1. Hi!!! I’m spending some days in Japan, specifically in Odawara-chi Kanagawa-ken. I’m serching a lot for a Nintendo 3DS XL here in Japan and find your blog. I was wondering if you could explain me a few things about a american version of the Nintendo 3DS here in Japan. I’m from Brazil and will be here until 22/01. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    • kirarakoneko says:

      Hi! Honestly the biggest difference aside from the language is going to be that the games are region locked so you should base the decision on which games you would be playing. A Japaneses 3DS XL would not play games released for the US and vice versa. Both countries have great games as well as exclusives that the other country does not have. If you cannot read Japanese I would suggest getting the version sold in the US but I must say Japan has some absolutely amazing limited XL’s that are sold nowhere else. Aside from the exclusives and language the machines are the same. Hope this helps, and have fun in Japan! It is an absolutely inspiring, and amazing place!

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