Why start a blog?…
Great question, this is me asking myself that…
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a female who loves video games, anime, traveling, nature, and a lot of other girlie/non girlie things. In a nut shell I believe I am open to all new things and experiences. Some things I love whole heartedly and some things I detest as completely.
But let me get back to the original question…
Why start a blog?
I am genuinely sick and tired of the lack of research, facts, and articulate thoughts that are floating out in the internet space. I feel as though with this great power that has been bestowed upon us in terms of this vast and immediate world it has not been met with great responsibility! There will always be a measure of personal opinion that will be sprinkled into any writers work but there has to be a balance, good/evil, pleasure/pain, fact/opinion. Most of the time I find the latter the more dominant.
Do not mistake what I am saying, I have numerous opinions and very strong ones at that. But I feel if you are going to write something and send it out into this vast universe that is the internet it must be met with a balance in the force. I love the freedoms this universe provides us and would like to throw my hat into the fray, so here goes.
This is a place where I will discuss things I find myself passionate for and that hopefully some out there will find passion in them too. This is where I will give you guys a balance of actual fact and personal opinion/experience. Recently I heard that a major news network eliminated their team of field investigative reporters, I just want that to sink in a little. A news outlet did away with their investigative reporters, this is exactly what I am talking about, there has to be a balance! So here is my pledge to the internet world, I Kirarakoneko will work every day to make sure that whatever I let free into this vast space of information that it be pure, honest, and most importantly balanced!

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