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I am on a mission! Im not sure why exactly, but I am on a serious mission.
Sadly this thought never occurred to me last year when I was standing amongst all the cuteness inside The Pokemon Center.
I think I was overwhelmed, I think if its possible I literally had “geeky goodness” overload. Sounds absolutely crazy I know, but now over a year later, when I am horribly missing my time spent in the “Land of the Rising Sun” its true!
By now your probably wondering, what is this mission?…
I am on a mission to collect EVERY Eevolution that I can get my hands on, in plushie and keychain form!
Sadly so far I have acquired just a few and my “collection”, (if you can really call it that) looks quite sad. But I guess all collections have to start somewhere.
Here are a few shots of what I am hoping is just the beginning of my “Complete Evee Collection”!


Collection so far.


I had her keychain too but it was stolen…



Sad I know, but like I said… I am on a mission!

This past Friday the 23rd, Disney hosted an all night event that lasted from 6am on Friday to 6am on Saturday and I was one of those crazy people that stayed up all night to Rock my Disney side!


This is what greeted you as you walked up to The Magic Kingdom (we arrived at around 2am after awaking from our late night nap)


Not sure if it was the middle of the night delirium but I swear the castle looked better than I’ve ever seen it!


In honor of the Malificent movie about to be released I acquired an amazing headpiece on Mainstreet I had to put on right away, the dress was another must have purchase from Hot Topic (forgive the sleepy face but it was after 3am). Behind me is a sea of people at the base of the castle with a DJ pumping out some crowd pleasing tunes.


Funny, I have been to The Magic Kingdom a ton of times but I have never noticed this statue… Adorable!


So many places that I swear looked better than ever, possibly sleep depervation as it was around 4am at this point.


Entrance to Be our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland



So many times I looked up at Cinderella’s Castle as if I had never seen it before!


One of my favorite parts of the night was getting to ride the yet to officially open ride in Fantasyland!



Several adorable games to keep you occupied during long wait times (only showed you one so as to not ruin the surprise). Although the ride was cute and there is a part that I truly loved there were so many times I was upset that the breaks seemed to be put on so as to not give the kiddies a jump. I guess it is Disney afterall…


They even thought of setting up areas where exhausted Disney goers could take a nap.


At about 5am we made a much needed pit stop in the Starbucks on Mainstreet and acquired a delicious Cinammon Dolce Latte that is available nowhere else but there, and came across these naughty looking cupcakes too!


As the sun rose I found myself making my way back to Cinderella’s Castle again…


I have seen many a sunset but never a sunrise over The Magic Kingdom


This was the last shot of the castle I took that day.

Overall the night/morning was a blast, my only compaint is the lack of rare Villian’s that were to be featured throughout the part for your picture pleasures. They might have been more visible earlier in the day but I absolutely enjoyed the time that we went, afterall how often do you get to see the sunrise at The Magic Kingdom!


Good morning world!


This is the beauty that greeted us as we made our way across Discovery Lake on the Ferryboat


Alas it was time to leave the magic that is The Magic Kingdom…

I am sure that all Star Wars fans all over the world are celebrating in many different ways. So I decided that in honor of today, along with an all day Star Wars movie marathon I would make a deliciously naughty late brunch.


Starting it all of with fresh strawberries…


Whole grain silver dollar panckakes (in honor of the Death star, of course) and dont forget about the side of naturally smoked bacon too!


And for desert, more Star Wars movie marathon please!!!

May the 4ce be with you all!

Phew… I did it! I actually spent some time on this April Fool’s 2014 catching all 150 Pokemon. Google was kind enough to provide us with a great way to kill time on a day off, now if I could just answer why I spent my day off enjoying an April Fool’s joke I just might be ok!


So my love affair with the 3DS started just a few months after its initial release about 3 years ago when I purchased the Cosmo Black version of the original 3DS(I know its insane, I actually waited, I must have been delusional, just in time to be in the Ambassador program though) , and then such as things always happen they released a Limited Edition Legend of Zelda version on Black Friday and although my heart skipped a beat I stuck to my original purchase (I know this will sound crazy but Im not a huge fan of gold, no matter how subtle it was on the original 3DS). Then shortly thereafter I learned of the release of the XL version and even though I was ecstatic with this I bided my time and hoped that they would shortly release it in all black. Now for those of you that pay attention there are upwards of over 60 different designs for the 3DS and it took forever for the US to get the all black version but finally it was announced!!!! I was so excited, but I knew I had to make mine special in a simple yet sexy way so after much search I found an amazing store on Etsy that has a variety of great quality vinyl decals called BetterStickers, and let me tell you they are better! I have always customized my machines in some way shape of form so I have tried a variety of decals and so far these are the best! Hope you enjoy the pics…



Of course a little Navi for good measure!


After months of having my decals there, I have had no lifting of the sticker (now that’s quality!)


In case you were wondering, the other two “stars” featured in these pics are my STL Ocarina that I acquired at Megacon 2012, and the Master Sword was a very lucky find in a little shop In Akihabara on my 2013 trip to Tokyo.
Stay tuned for future pics of new and previous acquisitions on “Geeky Goodness”!