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Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to attend Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I must say I was not disappointed. I have attended several of these weekends and I have to say this might have been one of my favorites! There has been alot of skeptics out there ever since the announcement that Disney had acquired “Star Wars”, and I am still a little bit concerned about how they will handle a franchise that has shaped so many of our childhoods and adult lives. However, in this they did not disappoint!

They offered so much this year in the way of expanding the event that I left excited for what else was to come of “The Star Wars” universe under the Disney brand.

I did my best to capture as many of the special goodness as I could, but I must say there were a few times I was too busy enjoying those moments. From the amazing amount of official characters roaming about for picture ops, to the fans that were out cosplaying, to the ever fantastic “Darth’s Mall”, and new this year the “Star Wars” symphony led fireworks, I had a blast!


This was one of the first “character” sitings we had. The line to get a one on one pic was crazy long!


Absolutely had to take a picture with this Clone Trooper and my amazing little R2-D2 dress.



Official Bounty Hunter with a great fan cosplay.



Sadly I was unable to take a picture with Boba Fett because right as I arrived and saw the line was almost non-existent he left for break…


Now on to “Darth’s Mall”, mecha of shopping for all things “Star Wars”







There were so may cool things that were displayed above the venue. As long as you weren’t overwhelmed by all the goodies and remembered to look up.


“I am watching you”…


This got me squealing like a little girl! of course I absolutely had to buy an amazing Boba Fett tank-top, literally could not leave there without it!


Great place to stop and get some refreshments.




Some of my favorite artwork they had.




Extra goodness on the way out too.


The line here was the longest of all, it literally wrapped all the way around and outside of the dedicated Star Wars area.




No matter how many times I go, I always have to walk all through here and ride “Star Tours”.



And no visit is complete without making a pitstop here!


How can you not love that face!


Much needed for my “Magic Band”.


Had to have the “Stormtrooper Stein”.

The evening ended with an amazing show, and for the icing on the cake fireworks set to the beloved symphony of “Star Wars”.












Spectacular finish to the day that pictures just don’t do it justice. Cant wait till next year!

This past Friday the 23rd, Disney hosted an all night event that lasted from 6am on Friday to 6am on Saturday and I was one of those crazy people that stayed up all night to Rock my Disney side!


This is what greeted you as you walked up to The Magic Kingdom (we arrived at around 2am after awaking from our late night nap)


Not sure if it was the middle of the night delirium but I swear the castle looked better than I’ve ever seen it!


In honor of the Malificent movie about to be released I acquired an amazing headpiece on Mainstreet I had to put on right away, the dress was another must have purchase from Hot Topic (forgive the sleepy face but it was after 3am). Behind me is a sea of people at the base of the castle with a DJ pumping out some crowd pleasing tunes.


Funny, I have been to The Magic Kingdom a ton of times but I have never noticed this statue… Adorable!


So many places that I swear looked better than ever, possibly sleep depervation as it was around 4am at this point.


Entrance to Be our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland



So many times I looked up at Cinderella’s Castle as if I had never seen it before!


One of my favorite parts of the night was getting to ride the yet to officially open ride in Fantasyland!



Several adorable games to keep you occupied during long wait times (only showed you one so as to not ruin the surprise). Although the ride was cute and there is a part that I truly loved there were so many times I was upset that the breaks seemed to be put on so as to not give the kiddies a jump. I guess it is Disney afterall…


They even thought of setting up areas where exhausted Disney goers could take a nap.


At about 5am we made a much needed pit stop in the Starbucks on Mainstreet and acquired a delicious Cinammon Dolce Latte that is available nowhere else but there, and came across these naughty looking cupcakes too!


As the sun rose I found myself making my way back to Cinderella’s Castle again…


I have seen many a sunset but never a sunrise over The Magic Kingdom


This was the last shot of the castle I took that day.

Overall the night/morning was a blast, my only compaint is the lack of rare Villian’s that were to be featured throughout the part for your picture pleasures. They might have been more visible earlier in the day but I absolutely enjoyed the time that we went, afterall how often do you get to see the sunrise at The Magic Kingdom!


Good morning world!


This is the beauty that greeted us as we made our way across Discovery Lake on the Ferryboat


Alas it was time to leave the magic that is The Magic Kingdom…


Earlier today I spent a few hours swimming through the nostalgia of a game I played in my earlier years. Recently PSN gave out a free game called “Castle of Illusion” on PS3 to its Plus Members (if you dont have PS Plus it is a must, the cost is definitely returned in the numerous amazing free games you are given, some AAA titles even!) For those of you that remember this game, it originally came out for the Sega Genesis and was a source of hours upon hours of fun and at times frustration for me (if you have played, you know the level I speak of) and today I found myself smiling and shrieking in the same way I did when I played through the original version. I don’t know if it was the nostalgia of playing a game that brought me a great deal of happiness when I was younger or the fact that it is truly just good and simple fun I don’t know but sometimes I wonder if things aren’t just to overcomplicated when it comes to gaming. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of a robust story, eye popping graphics and am currently awaiting with baited breath for all things Destiny but sometimes I just want to have fun! I think that is always why I have continuously found myself sticking with Nintendo throughout the years, not that there are not amazing games that have come out for other consoles too (and I own them all, except XBOX One) but there is just something to be said about pure and honest fun that you have from an old game and with the technology now when they remake these great classic games and make them visually look amazing I find myself sitting down as I did today and loosing myself for hours and the whole time with a huge smile on my face!Thanks Sony!



They gave me the original version too!