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On Tuesday, September 9th 2014, Destiny launches!
Now for those of you that are unaware I am a pretty dedicated Nintendo Fan Girl! So there are very few things that can draw my attention away but Bungie has done it again. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this particular title, I know that Bungie has decided they want this to be a decade long adventure and I am willing to give them the time. I am looking forward to immersing myself in what will hopefully be a pretty epic adventure full of lots of story, dialogue, and snippering!

This is the plan for me and my PS4…
– Launch day plus two additional days off in a row for maximum binge playing, check!
– House cleaned, check!
– Advised all not to bother me for 3 days, check!
– Grocery shopping for gaming munchies, not check…
Have only one thing left to check off my list and hopefully I will be ready!

As of 9am tomorrow morning I will be standing in front of my local game shop not patiently awaiting my copy of the Limited Edition.
Two complaints so far…
– My local game shop sucks and they are not opening at midnight!
– Not enough Ghost editions!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all that will be embarking on a journey to be a Gaurdian, and save the world!

Recently Nintendo had its Annual General Meeting of Shareholder’s where they all had an opportunity to ask Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata why their investments had not gained the financial success they had all expected and in some cases promised, interestingly Shigeru Miyamoto was also in attendance. During this meeting alot of topics were discussed from the unexpected Human Resources needs thats are involved in creating quality HD games, to their soft presence at this year’s E3, to what has been getting the most press so far, their financial situation. To me in a very typical and unsurprising statement Iwata made it clear that he had no intentions of laying off any of the current members of the Nintendo family just to make a temporary quick financial gain. I say this is unsurprising because I think through the years Iwata has proven himself as a leader that cares about more than just the financial gains to be had, afterall this man could walk away at any moment and live out the rest of his days as an exceptionally wealthy man, he has always spoken about the human factor involved in creating the worlds that you can enjoy on Nintendo platforms. For awhile now it has seemed that Nintendo is trying to step away from what and how all the other gaming companies are doing to market their systems an games. A little over a year ago you started seeing a big focus on Nintendo Directs and alot of key information was being given to consumers in this manner and to me that was a telltale sign that Nintendo was trying to change the way that their fans were getting their much anticipated nuggets of information, so their “soft” showing at E3 this year was no surprise to me and honestly I was totally ok with that! This industry is supposed to be about the games, Im not naive in thinking these companies don’t need to make a profit, of course they do. The more profit, the more games, and better games but is that what they all do, or is it the more profit the more or CEO and shareholders get??? Right now I think Nintendo is going through some growing pains and if their leader is willing to hang in their with all his employees then I think that just goes to show you the dedication and passion he has for the business, and to me that means they will come out of this alive. Their are so many speculators out their and dare I say “poop” talkers but at the end of the day any company that has been around as long as Nintendo will go through this and as long as they stay focused on the most important thing, the games (old favorites and new IP’s) then they will be ok. I want to support a company that has a soul and cares about its people because if it wasn’t for them they wouldnt have become who they are today, its not the people at the top that make a great company its the people on the ground, in the thick of it, the people that are giving their hearts, souls, and passion to what they do that makes them great and Iwata hasn’t forgotten that. So keep on Nintendo, show your people that you support them and give them a chance to return to the company that we have known and cared for all these years because for me a company that cares for its people also cares for its consumers and not just about the money to be made, a quick financial gain in this quarter will not always get you long term gain and thats what Nintendo is focused on, the long term. They are a brand, a family that wont always work well together but in the end, after all is said and done they will always manage to pull through. “This has all happened before,and it will all happen again”

Nintendo Haters

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Nintendo
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Seriously stop it!
Let me disclose this now, I love Nintendo, I am a fan (if you wanna be a jerk you can call me a fangirl). But seriously stop, stop all the hate! This is ridiculous, all the haters if they want to be honest with themselves at one point in their lives truly enjoyed a (and mostly likely more) Nintendo game. For most of you it was probably when you were younger and didn’t have all the poop attached to your brain that happens as you get older. The its not cool, it doesn’t have the latest tech, the all my friends aren’t playing it, seriously stop. Forget about how old you are or who is doing what and sit down and allow the magic that is Nintendo to envelope you in its soft fuzzy hands and take you away from all the hate. There is a reason why some of their franchises have stood the test of time and tech, why there are actual petitions out in the internet world calling out to Nintendo to give us more, there is a reason why people actually choose to play a 25 year old game again and again. The Nintendo magic is what I like to call it, if you give it a chance and honestly give yourself a chance I can guarantee that you will find yourself smiling and dare I say truly enjoying yourself! For all the haters out there, those of you that say Nintendo is just for kids, you are all wrong! Nintendo is Japanese, they are not afraid of the cute and cuddly, they are not afraid of the bright and colorful and most of all they are not afraid to dedicate their time passion and money into something that outsiders deem childlike. Give yourself a chance, forget all your misconceptions, forget all the stupid voices in your head and give yourself a chance to enjoy the Nintendo magic. Remember what it was like when you were a child and nothing else mattered except the world that had just opened itself before you, forget all the pop that comes from getting older, the worries, the drama and just STOP and enjoy! For those of you that are not motivated to give yourself a chance, well then just stop the hate and play any of the other two consoles that inspire you, that is why they are there, there is room for all! I mean seriously the time, thought, and effort that goes into some of the post, comments, and articles that I read from the Haters makes me wonder… Are you really deep down in the pit of your soul a fan and are too afraid/embarrassed to admit it? Shouldn’t a great game company be focused on making great content? Shouldn’t they be focused on bringing happiness to their followers? Do they make mistakes, yes, do they make those of us that are proud of our Nintendo love angry at times (angry enough to throw controllers across the room), yes, we are not above the anger. Afterall it is the human condition to get angry, to complain, to demand more! But to be the type of person that says they want them to die, that they should close their doors, who are you, what kind of “sad/strange little man” says these things. To be afraid of things that we dont understand is normal I guess, but to outright say “you suck” and never have given them a chance is wrong! So I challenge all you Nintendo haters, stop, take a moment, find a game that piques your interest and shut up, sit down, grab a GamePad, Wiimote, or 3DS, I promise you to will be drawn into the world of Nintendo magic and without even knowing you will realize that a smile has manged to creep up onto your face!

Its a little bit of a mystery, but I ask myself this question quite a bit. Where are all the female gamers?
In a recent ESA study that was done they found that 47% of gamers are female and of that number 30% are adult female (more than boys 17 or younger at 18%), however this statistic begs another question, why are we hiding? I am proud of my nerddom, I own every current system (handheld & console), I have numerous classic system’s still in their original state with boxes and all, and I am almost never without a gaming device (lets not discuss the mobile gaming, that is a topic for another post). My attention is held by a litany of genres, from the epic Gears of War franchise (sniper from hell), to the likes of the all time classic Legend of Zelda series, I love them all. I scour the internet for the latest nuggets of news, I badger my friends in the industry for the inside scoop, I await with baited breadth for the release day of my anticipated game (always making sure I have the day off, of course), and I spent hours on end enthralled in the world that opens up before my eyes. So I will ask again where are all the female gamers?
Almost half of the gaming industry is female, that statistic was actually very eye opening for me, almost half! So where are we?
I see them in the vast space of the internet, I see them at the Cons, I see their Mii’s in my streetpass. So, where are they?
In the physical world I am always taken aback when I get the usual you play games look, knowing that inside their heads they are thinking that its probably some lame game or that I couldn’t be any good (like a girl cant handle a Barrett 50 Cal like a pro), I am always the lone girl amongst the vast throngs of gamer guys. I don’t care if you think you suck, I don’t care if your favorite game differs from mine, I just want to see your faces! I want to look through a crowd of people and be able to smile and see that number represented in the space before me. The internet is a great place, it gives you the freedom of anonymity, of courage, of not having to stare your hecklers in the face. But wake up, we are out there, we are no longer few and far between, so let me see you. Wear your love loud and proud, display your heart on your sleeve. Whether you hang a Pikachu from your purse or you slide a pair of cogs around your neck, let me see it. I want to walk around town and see that almost half statistic staring me in the face making it impossible for me to ever ask that question again. So, where are all the female gamers, for real?

So the latest installment of Nintendo Direct has come and gone… and however much happiness is welling up inside of me there is a fair amount of sadness as well (for the US market, at-least). Focusing on the goodies, we saw Iwatata starting it all off by wearing a Luigi hat (gotta say its a good look for him) and informing us that this will be “The year of Luigi” and to start it all off is the much awaited/ delayed Luigi’s Mansion, Dark Moon. Luigi’s 1st appearance ever was in 1983 in a table top arcade game that I am sure there are more than a few of us that remember, then 18 years later he was given his 1st chance as a solo artist in 2001 Luigis’ Mansion for Gamecube, now 12 years later he is finally being given another shot! For his first appearance ever on Nintendo Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto (with his trusty translator, of course) tells us about some juicy details for this upcoming title (I have to say that I always love the shirts that Miyamoto wears). Some of the highlights of the gameplay are new functions of the Poltergust such as using it to solve puzzles, and dark light device that you will have to use to find hidden objects. There are also great new ghost fighting mechanics and multiple mansion to fight them in. One of my favorite things is the Polterdog character and his gold thieving ways, as well as the multiplayer Scarescraper mode. The haunting funness will be available on 3/24. There were also a few other Mario and Luigi announcements made, like the Mario and Luigi, Dream Team and Golf World Tour that will both be available Summer 2013, as well as new downloadable content for NSMBU available this year. Now for me no Nintendo announcement is complete without some Legend of Zelda and I am happy to say that they have announced a new Miiverse community that will launch today dedicated to all LOZ fans everywhere! They also announced some great new eShop content such as demos available in the next week for  the latest Castlevania and Monster Hunter games (super excited). The WiiU will also have its latest application availible for free for a limited time, WiiStreetU, where you can explore your favorite city without even leaving your couch(lookout Tokyo, here I come). We also heard about several new eShop games that will be availible soon and a little bit of 3rd party goodness for 3DS and the WiiU. I have to say it was not a bad way to spend my Valentine’s morning but… I am more than a little sad that once again it seems the loyal US fans are being shafted, once again we will not be given another color 3DS XL that others in the world will be graced with not to mention the bundles! What does a girl have to do to get some Nintendo love for the US…?

By now the word is out… and all of us loyal Nintendo fans will be faithfully tuning into the latest Nintendo Direct. So now the speculation begins… what will the much beloved Satoru Iwata bestow upon us? Will he announce something mind blowing, something that will make us all stand up and cheer, will it be something better than all of the chocolates and flowers that will be purchased for Valentine’s Day combined?  Alas I think not, what I do believe is that we will be given some more nuggets of upcoming titles to continue to keep our attention (hopefully, a similar announcement to the Wii U Wind Waker remake) as well as something not necessarily earth shattering but something not so much expected none the less. For me, what would be a great Valentine’s Day surprise is the announcement of a Monster Hunter 3DS XL bundle (hey, a girl can dream… right?). So tomorrow grab your teddy bears and chocolates and sit down and have some fun! Don’t worry if you don’t have a Valentine, Nintendo will gladly be your Valentine!

Pokemon TV was just released for iOS and Android devices today, and I have to admit I downloaded it first thing. This is a great way for all Pokemon fans young or old to access the anime form anywhere they go (internet access required). The app contains a succession of 50 episodes that will be updated weekly, there will even be content that is exclusive and some never before seen in the US. Starting Feb. 15th thru Feb. 18th you can watch the most recent, Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice straight from Pokemon TV! To add some extra fun they are also debuting for the first time ever seen in English an animated short Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade, which is in honor of the special release event at participating Gamestop’s (would prefer if it was via direct download from Nintendo) where owner’s of Pokemon Black/White (1or 2) can get the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta for a limited time starting March 4th. So if you haven’t yet, download it, its free so you have nothing to loose and hopefully it will help keep all the Pocket Monster junkies out there under control. I myself prefer the usability on the iPad and am looking forward to seeing what other exclusive goodness will be coming our way.