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Destination Japan

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Japan
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I thought it fitting that my first blog post be about something that is a huge passion of mine, Japan. For years I have admired the land of the rising sun from afar, their people, culture, and history. All of it wrapped up into a beautiful mass of archipelago, Nippon. Well now if all goes well by the end of May it will no longer be from afar because I will be throwing 100% of myself into the beauty that is this island nation. So much of what I love took root there and I want to experience it first hand. As I close my eyes I imagine myself small and insignificant standing in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, as the throngs of people move along and I am swept up in the tide. Just thinking about it now brings a smile to my face.

I must ensure I absorb every drop of it all while I am there, so there is lots to do. I have been talking, no dreaming about this for so long that it still seems unreal but it is! Fifteen full days in what was once known as Edo (Tokyo), it sounds like plenty of time but what would appear to the uninitiated as a small metropolis is actually a vast expanse of territory that is more like a group of cities that have merged into one colossal city.
To better understand the geography of Japan it is best to think of Tokyo as more like an American state and that its 23 central wards are more like our cities and are governed as such. Imagine the metropolis of Tokyo is 844.66 square miles that is roughly the size of New York city and Los Angeles combined (now thats Gotham!). So you can imagine the task at hand, to think about it now makes my heart skip a beat. Especially when I imagine the flight! I will declare it now I am actually petrified of flying and this is a long flight from where I hang my hat, but alas to dream a dream and make it a reality is my mission. So I will continue my research and prepare for the trip of a lifetime and when my feet touch the ground in this over 500 year old city I will immerse myself in the life of a traveler and look up from my camera and guide books and delight in the jungle that lay before me.