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By now the word is out… and all of us loyal Nintendo fans will be faithfully tuning into the latest Nintendo Direct. So now the speculation begins… what will the much beloved Satoru Iwata bestow upon us? Will he announce something mind blowing, something that will make us all stand up and cheer, will it be something better than all of the chocolates and flowers that will be purchased for Valentine’s Day combined? ¬†Alas I think not, what I do believe is that we will be given some more nuggets of upcoming titles to continue to keep our attention (hopefully, a similar announcement to the Wii U Wind Waker remake) as well as something not necessarily earth shattering but something not so much expected none the less. For me, what would be a great Valentine’s Day surprise is the announcement of a Monster Hunter 3DS XL bundle (hey, a girl can dream… right?). So tomorrow grab your teddy bears and chocolates and sit down and have some fun! Don’t worry if you don’t have a Valentine, Nintendo will gladly be your Valentine!